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    1. 超弦理論(第2卷)

      出版時間:2008-5  出版社:世界圖書出版公司  作者:格林  頁數:596  


      Recent years have brought a revival of work on string theory, which has been a source of fascination since its origins nearly twenty years ago.There seems to be a widely perceived need for a systematic, pedagogical exposition of the present state of knowledge about string theory. We hope that this book will help to meet this need. To give a comprehensive account of such a vast topic as string theory would scarcely be possible,even in two volumes with the length to which these have grown. Indeed,we have had to omit many important subjects, while treating others only sketchily. String field theory is omitted entirely (though the subject of chapter 11 is closely related to light-cone string field theory). Conformal field theory is not developed systematically, though much of the background material needed to understand recent papers on this subject is presented in chapter 3 and elsewhere.




      Preface8 One-loop diagrams in the bosonic string theory 8.1 Open-string one-loop amplitudes  8.1.1 The planar diagrams  8.1.2 The nonorientable diagrams  8.1.3 Nonplanar loop diagrams 8.2 Closed-string one-loop amplitudes  8.2.1 The torus  8.2.2 Modular invariance  8.2.3 The integration region  8.2.4 Analysis of divergences  8.2.5 The cosmological constant  8.2.6 Amplitudes with closed-string massless states 8.3 Other diagrams for unoriented strings  8.3.1 Higher-order tree diagrams  8.3.2 The real projective plane  8.3.3 Other loop diagrams 8.4 Summary 8.A Jacobi 0 functions9 One-laop diagrams in superstring theory 9.1O pemsuperstring amplitudes  9.1.1 Amplitudes with M 4 massless external states  9.1.2 The planar diagrams  9.1.3 Nonorientable diagrams  9.1.4 Orientable nonplanar diagrams 9.2 Type II theories  9.2.1 a Finiteness of the torus amplitude  9.2.2 Compactification on a torus  9.2.3 The low-energy limit of one-loop amplitudes 9.3 The hea;erotic string theory  9.3.1 The torus with four external particles  9.3.2 Modular invariance of the Es a Es and SO(32) theories 9.4 Calculations in the RNS formalism  9.4.1 Modular invariance and the GSO projection  9.4.2 The loop calculations 9.5 Orbifolds and twisted strings  9.5.1 Generalization of the GSO projection  9.5.2 Strings on orbifolds  9.5.3 Twisted strings in ten dimensions  9.5.4 Alternative view of the SO(16) a SO(16) theory 9.6 Summary 9.A Traces of fermionic zero modes 9.B Modular invariance of the functions F2 and/:10 The gauge anomaly in type I superstring theory 10.1 Introduction to anomalies  10.1.1 Anomalies in point-particle field theory  10.1.2 The gauge anomaly in D = 10 super Yang-Mills theory  10.1.3 Anomalies in superstring theory  10.2 Analysis of hexagon diagrams  10.2.1 The planar diagram anomaly  10.2.2 The anomaly in the nonorientable diagram  10.2.3 Absence of anomalies in nonplanar diagrams 10.3 Other one-loop anomalies in superstring theory 10.4 Cancellation of divergences for SO(32)  10.4.1 Dilaton tadpoles and loop divergences  10.4.2 Divergence cancellations 10.5 Summary 10.A An alternative regulator11 Functional methods in the light-cone gauge 11.1 The string path integral  11.1.1 The analog model  11.1.2 The free string propagator  11.1.3 A lattice cutoff  11.1.4 The continuum limit 11.2 Amplitude calculations  11.2.1 Interaction vertices  11.2.2 Parametrization of scattering processes  11.2.3 Evaluation of the functional integral  11.2.4 Amplitudes with external ground statm 11.3 Open-string tree amplitudes  11.3.1 The conformal mapping  11.3.2 Evaluation of amplitudes  ……12 Some differential geometry13 Low-energy effective action14 Compactiflcation of higher dimensions15 Some algebraic geometry16 Models of low-energy supersymmetryBibliographyIndex








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